RISING GALAXY is an independent / freelance iOS software development company based in The Netherlands.
Our mission is to develop educational iOS apps, for those who are seeking to learn a foreign language. And have difficulties with remembering and mastering the new language they are learning.
Our hope is to develop apps for people who are suffering from language or speech disorder.
Last but not least, our dream is to build worlds greatest smart phone apps for those who want to enhance their language and speech skills.


aJourney iOS App Current Version 2.5.

aJourney Logo

aJourney is a FREE iOS app, and is developed for everyone who is learning new languages.
You can formulate interactive Flash Cards and use them in your daily activities if necessary.
aJourney is now avaiable for download on the apple app store

aJourney Gallery

aJourney Has A Gorgeous UI Design.

Two Beautiful Designed Themes.

.Live Translation To 31 Languages
.Speech Recognition
.Amazing Way To Memorise New Languages
.Save Flash Cards / Translation Cards
.aJourney Will Read Your Collected Flash Cards For You

Download aJourney

aJourney Now Available
Download aJourney now from the apple app store.

Air Translator

.Air Translator is still developing

Air Translator Logo

Air Translator is our next amazing iOS app.
Air Translator will have a lots of new cool features and technologies, which helps you translate your text in an easy and fun way. As easy as inhaling and exhaling, that’s why we are calling this app Air Translator.
Air Translator is still developing, make sure to subscribe to our instagram channel to follow our development.

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