About Course

In this course we are going to develop an application to hide and protect our personal data. We are going to use User Defaults and the Singleton design pattern to keep track of users behaviour across our application. So, you will learn how to write data application’s User Defaults, you will also learn to apply many other useful tricks to make your app’s more user friendly.

What is User Defaults: The user defaults is a . plist file in every app’s package. We can use User Defaults to set values or to retrive simple pieces of data. It’s is somewhat similar to a dictionary. User Defaults also considered as a key-value store.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Work With User Defaults
  • Work With Singleton Design Pattern
  • Segue And Transitions
  • Apply Animations To UI Elements

Course Curriculum

Safe App – Data Protection

  • Creating User Defaults Singleton
  • Generics And Data Models
  • Saving Password
  • Creating And Designing XIB File
  • Display Sensitive Data On UITableView
  • Auto Login
  • UITextField Delegate Methods And Animations

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