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About Course

Almost everyone agrees that Animations are an essential part of every modern application. If your application doesn’t contain subtle element animations or transitions, it is for sure not going to be attractive for many users. These days an application without animations is considered as boring and user-unfriendly.

In this course you will learn about animations in SwiftUI, you will also get to work with SwiftUI property wrappers. Further in this course you are going to learn more about Views in SwiftUI and how to apply masks to different views.

Join this great course if you are excited about animations in SwiftUI.

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What Will You Learn?

  • SwiftUI property wrappers
  • User Interface design
  • SwiftUI Views
  • Animations
  • Masks

Course Curriculum

SwiftUI Animations – Day & Night App

  • Creating Day View
  • Creating Night View
  • Putting It All Together

Material Includes

  • Project Files


  • Knowing how to navigate around Xcode and how to use Xcode.
  • Knowledge about Swift programming language.
  • Being familiar with SwiftUI.


  • Beginner and intermediate iOS developer

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