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Almost everyone agrees that Animations are an essential part of every modern application. If your application doesn’t contain subtle element animations or transitions, it is for sure not going to be attractive for many users. These days an application without animations is considered as boring and user-unfriendly.

In this course you will learn how to add and persist user input in your application. You will do that by applying beautiful animations to your app. Further in this course you learn to work with @AppStorage, @Binding and @State property wrappers in a much advanced level.

Join this course, and learn to make your apps standout and become more user-friendly.

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What Will You Learn?

  • SwiftUI property wrappers
  • @State, @Binding, @AppStorage
  • SwiftUI Views
  • User Interface design

Course Curriculum

SwiftUI Animations – Activities App

  • Setup Activities App
  • Creating First Ring View And Animations Part 1
  • Creating Second Ring View And Animations Part 2
  • Final Touch

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